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SIC is Member of National Digital Libery, Govt. of India. 

SIC 24x7 Library


Sri International College library will have the perfect spot for every kind of studier. Are there quiet rooms and private carrels for those who need to concentrate? Creative rooms for extra ordinary mind creations. Open spaces to chat and socialize? Keep in mind that you’re looking for a space where you will be comfortable, and at SIC the library is divided into Session of department of studies and all the session libraries are on campus you may find that you prefer the atmosphere at the Cultural fine arts library to the Indian citizen law library. SIC have also cafeteria on library for students who are habit of coffee during studies. 

Sri International College (SIC) Have introduce Digital Library Management Application for Students of Hotels and Home Study.


More then 12000+ Books of Department, Life Style & Career Development. 

anyone can access sic Open library 


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