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Er. Jairam Mishra

Founder, SIC 

Jairam Mishra with Aparajita Sarangi
Jairam Mishra with Sunil Sethi
Youngest Entrepreneur Award, 2019
Best Professional College Award 2019
Jairam Mishra Founder SIC
India Education Excellency Award
Jairam Mishra with Jaganath Serega
Jairam Mishar with Shri Imran Hussain
SIC Received IBA 2019
Message for Students

"Welcome to Sri International College!

To all students and applicants, 

I am thrilled to extend a warm welcome to you as you embark on your journey with us. At Sri International College, we believe in the power of education to transform lives and shape futures. Whether you are a prospective student considering joining our vibrant community or a new student ready to embark on your academic journey, I want to assure you that you are in the right place.

As the founder of Sri International College, I am incredibly proud of the institution we have built – one that is dedicated to academic excellence, innovation, and student success. Our commitment to providing a dynamic and supportive learning environment ensures that every student has the opportunity to thrive, grow, and achieve their full potential.

To our new applicants, I want to congratulate you on taking the first step towards your educational goals. By choosing Sri International College, you are choosing a place where your aspirations are valued, your talents are nurtured, and your future is limitless.

To our new students, I want to welcome you to our community with open arms. You are joining a diverse and vibrant campus where you will have the opportunity to learn from world-class faculty, engage in meaningful research and extracurricular activities, and build lifelong friendships.

As you embark on this exciting chapter of your lives, I encourage you to embrace every opportunity that comes your way, to challenge yourselves, and to pursue your passions with determination and enthusiasm. Remember that your time at Sri International College is not just about earning a degree – it is about discovering who you are, exploring your interests, and preparing for a bright and successful future.

I am confident that your experience at Sri International College will be nothing short of extraordinary, and I look forward to seeing all that you will accomplish during your time here.


Best wishes for a successful and fulfilling journey ahead!

_Jairam Mishra, Founder_ 
Sri International College, Cuttack

Youngest Edu Entrepreneur Awarded
Eastern India Best College Award
India's Top 100 MSME Listed Entrepreneur
Exemplary Academic Leader Award
Youngest Education Leadership Award 2020

Vision of Shri . Er Jairam Mishar, Founder, Sri International College


  To Create a Research University in our State Odisha, To take our future students to a new hight of research and To Build Indian Education on next level in field of Public Health, Data Science, Fashion, Artificial Interagency  & Hospitality education .

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