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all odisha Talent search event 2022

The Sri International College Talent Search Exam (SICTSE) is one of the most prestigious exams conducted for school , College and Degree students from class 1 to PG in the form of Olympiads, Entrance Test , Activity Test, Innovative Minds and Skill Performance  by aspirant. These exams as the name suggest identifying hidden talent in the children's. The SIC believes that all children are blessed with unique qualities. Parents must expose their talent, polish it and present it in front of the world.

The SIC believes that children’s brain works in different directions. Some may be good with numbers and calculations, whereas others may be a scientific bent of mind. Some may love playing with words, whereas others may want to excel in their drawing and creative abilities. Some may have a good command over the things happening in the world, whereas others may love to explore artificial intelligence  and yoga.


The purpose of the Talent Search event was to identify talented students, there inner skills and nurture their talent to whole world. 

A vision of creating socially responsible leaders in every community and in every sector of skill.

"We can transform our Society by Skill & Leadership just we need to identify it what we can do."

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1. Development of Health through yoga seminar 2022


2. Values of Shrimant Bhagbat Geeta in Human Life


3. SIC Chess Tournament 2022

4. Art & Painting Exhibition  2022

5. SIC Fashion Show 2022

6. Best Fashion Designer 2022 Under 25

7. SIC Debate Contest 2022 under 22

8. Food Contest 2022

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