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Welcome to SIC Digital Classroom 

"Feel the Experience of Digitalised Classroom at Sri International College "

Odisha's First Digital Classroom Studies was introduce by Sri International College for better understanding and Performance of Students. 


-Where Student are connected to interactive session of studies with live HD Experience_ 

More then 1500+ Fashion Designing / Textile Designing Books 

More then 2500+ Hotel Management Books 

1000+ Yoga Books 

800+ Public Health Boks


What is Digital Classroom & what is DCR Use ? 

Digital classrooms have been creating a revolution in the educational sector. Embedded with modern day technologies, such interactive classrooms offer a friendly environment to the students where they may clear all their concepts while having endless fun.


Benefits of digital classrooms are a lot more than one can ever think of. They are ideal for educating the little angels about the most basic rules of learning and also help them in retaining their knowledge.


They have not only changed the perspective of students towards studying but have also helped the teachers in preparing dynamic multi-media lessons which can be interesting for students. Learning is more of a fun and less of a burden with the introduction of such digital classrooms in education.


Educators can interact with all the viewers and thus keep every individual engaged and focused. Moreover, they may also organise student collaboration in smart classrooms which may help the students in building up healthy communication with each other.

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